Switching from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android to iPhone

When it comes to mobile devices, the choice is usually one of two options. Although there are several other less popular alternatives, in most cases, you are either in the Android camp or the iOS camp. Switching from Android to iOS is not as simple as switching to another Android device. You are moving to a different operating system entirely so the process is quite different. So, here is a step by step break down of how to move from Android to iPhone seamlessly.  

Before you start

Before you begin the process of Switching from Android ton iPhone, you must have all your data backed up. Being able to successfully transfer your important data like your contacts, photos, calendars, and others to your new device is the most vital step of this process.
  1. To do this, go to Settings on your Android device and tap on Backup & Reset. Check the email address listed as your backup account and be sure that is is a valid email then turn on data backup. Doing this will ensure that you don’t lose your precious data when you switch from Android to iPhone.

  2. Another way to backup your photos and videos is to download the Google Photos Application. Usually, it comes as a default on most android devices but you can also download it from Google play store if you don’t have the app already. Google Photos makes the process of backing up your photo before switching from android to iPhone easy.

    Although primarily an Android app, the Google Photos app works on iOS devices too. You can use the app’s backup functionality to backup all the photos on your Android phone. After your new iPhone is fully set up, you simply need to download Google Photos again on your iPhone, sign in and all your photos will be moved to your new device.

  3. Finally, as part of the preparation, you will also need to download the >Move to iOS app on your old Android device. The app which was developed by Apple in 2015 makes it easy to transfer contacts, photos, videos, message history, mail accounts, and even web bookmarks to your new iPhone.


Steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone

With all your data and photos fully set up, you can now begin the process of transferring data from your old phone to your new one. You might want to plug in both your old phone and the new one since the transfer process might take a while. You don’t want your phone battery life running out midway through the process.
  • Photos, videos, and other files

    First, you need to initiate the setup process on your iPhone until you get to the Apps & Data screen. Tap on Move Data From Android on this page. A 12 digit code will be generated which you will enter into the Move to iOS app on your old Android device. Your iPhone will automatically create a private WiFi network over which all your data will be transferred. Start the transfer process. All your data on your old phone will be moved to your new phone. This process may take a while which is why plugging in your phone is recommended.

  • Music, PDFs, and ebooks

    Once the process is completed, your iPhone will prompt you to finish setting up your device. For your music files, PDFs and ebooks, you have to move them manually.

  • Applications

    The only thing from your old phone you will probably miss are your applications. Running Android apps on an iOS device is not possible. You will need to manually download the iOS version of those apps from App Store. Asides the app which you can easily get from apple store, all the rest of your data should be loaded on your new phone.


What to do If you have issues moving your data

If you experience any issues with switching from Android to iPhone, here are some of the things to check.
  • Make sure the transfer process is not interrupted on either device. If your phone dies or your load up another app or get a phone call before the transfer is completed, the content will not transfer.
  • Check to see if any app on your phone or settings is affecting the WiFi connection. For instance, the Sprint Connections Optimizer app may impede Wi-Fi. You should also check Wi-Fi settings and forget any network that may be affecting the connection. Attempt the transfer again after doing this.
  • You can also turn off cellular data connection on your Android device as this might affect connection too.
  • Restart both phones and attempt the transfer again.
Now that you know how to move from Android to iPhone, if the process fails after trying all these steps, you may have to seek iPhone technical support to fix the issues.