Samsung Galaxy Fold – Specs and Facts

Have you ever seen a mobile phone with a foldable screen? Well, Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy Fold a few weeks ago. It is a phone from the front side and a tablet from the other side.

Interesting part is that Samsung never let anyone touch it. They never showed it to anyone before its first release. Galaxy fold has one smaller outer screen and one large folding inner screen in a single device for $1980. This phone looks like two small Samsung phones glued next to each other with a hinge in between. However, it doesn’t go all the way completely flat against each other when it’s folded like a sandwich. We can see a small triangle shaped gap between two, and the shape of the outer phone is really tall and narrow as it looks like a candy bar. Another fact is that it is heavier than the usual smartphone: Galaxy Fold weighs 263g or 9.27oz versus iPhone X that weighs 174g or 6.14oz.

Hardware Specs

  • Screen size (folded): 4.6 inches
  • Screen size (unfolded): 7.3 inches
  • Weight: 263g or 9.27oz
  • Front Camera (dual): 10MP Selfie and 8MP RGB Depth
  • Rear Camera (triple): 16MP Ultra Wide, 12MP Wide-Angle, 12MP Telephoto
  • Battery (dual): 4380 mAh
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Storage: 512GB

The front screen is a 4.6″ cover display. When you flip the screen open, you get a 7.3 inch OLED display. I have the answer of the most frequently asked question: “can you see the crease when you have a light?”. Yes, it’s not that perfectly uninterrupted glass, but it is pretty close to the flat feel. As the folding screen is entirely new and first time technology, that is why it will be hard and expensive to replace the screens.

Another interesting fact about this Samsung Galaxy Fold is that the manufacturer has also split the battery into two. Each side of the phone has its own battery, which makes the device heavier and thicker. There is a strong magnet inside that helps in closing the fold. Therefore, opening and closing the phone is a two-handed operation.

Samsung Galaxy Fold price is $1980, which is very expensive. However, you can finally have a smartphone and a tablet at the same time that can fit in your pocket. The big screen of the phone provides a better camera view, web browsing, and video watching experience. We think that this is the first step towards an entirely different, innovative category of smartphones, and this model is definitely going to be one of the phones that will make people get in the stores to play with it.

Unfortunately, the phone was recently canceled due to customer complains and is expected to be released again soon. If anybody still got their hands on an unopened box save it because it could be worth a fortune in the future.


Sources & Image Credit: Android Central

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