Brooklyn’s Best PC Repair Specialists

Brooklyn’s Best
PC Repair Specialists

PC repair shops in Brooklyn for all Apple and PC computer repair services.

  • Free Diagnostics – upfront pricing. No fix, no pay!
  • Expert Technicians – trained to complete the most difficult repairs.
  • Repair Warranty – 30-day warranty on parts & labor.

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Professional PC Repair Service and Support

Professional PC Repair
Service and Support

Are you looking for high-quality PC repair services in Brooklyn? You’ve landed in the right place. At Smart Phone NYC, we’ve been providing a full range of professional repair services since 2012 for computers of all models and sizes manufactured by different brands.

You can trust our experience and rest assured that our tech experts properly fix your computer. Our technicians always test devices after they complete repairs.

In case if there are any issues later, we always fix them, as we offer a 30-day warranty on parts and labor. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our services and great customer service for every client.

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The Best PC Repair Shop in Brooklyn

The Best PC
Repair Shop in Brooklyn

At Smart Phone NYC, we strive to provide quality repair services and prioritize customer satisfaction above everything. So, if you are looking for PC repair shops in Brooklyn, look no farther. We have 2 locations in Kings Highway and Park Slope.

Stop by the nearest repair shop whenever you need to fix your PC or any other electronic devices. Our experts provide free diagnostics and honest estimates, after which you’ll get the exact cost of your repairs.

At both locations, we offer a 30-day warranty on parts and labor that we use to complete the repairs. Moreover, our shops are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

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Why choose
Smart Phone NYC?

Free Diagnostics

Bring your broken electronic gadgets to our repair shop for free diagnostics. We will give you your quote on the spot. No fix, no pay!

Expert Technicians

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. You are welcome to watch the repair process if you would like.

No Hidden Fees

Hate to pay additional fees? We will tell you exactly how much the repair costs, and you won’t be charged for more than the quoted price.

Same-Day Repairs

On average, our technicians spend about 30-60 minutes to repair a phone or tablet. Fixing computers might take slightly longer than that.

Repair Warranty

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. For our experts, fixing a smart phone is quick and easy.

Customer Reviews

Nick C.

The best repair store ever. Max did a diagnostic on my phone and let me know that all I needed was a new battery. He saved me money and time. I have referred countless of my friends and family because I trust that they are in good hands.

Kiley S.

Integrity 101.
This place is the best you’ll find – they aren’t trying to scam you into any unnecessary purchases or repairs, and they are as up-front about pricing as they can be. Thank you!

Frequently asked

Yes, you can get it for free in our repair shops. Just bring your PC to the closest Smart Phone NYC location, and we will diagnose them and give you free quotes.
If the repairs don’t involve any work on hard drives, then usually the answer is NO. Otherwise, we always back up your files before doing any work. However, we recommend you doing constant backups of your files on an external hard drive.
  • If you notice that your computer is running very slowly.
  • If you can’t update your software because your hardware doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • If you spend too much on your PC maintenance.

You might need to upgrade your hard drive since your hard drive is slow or worn out or there is not enough storage. Also, you might need a RAM upgrade which will allow you to run multiple programs at the same time without freezes and glitches. Bring your PC to our repair shop, our technicians will provide free diagnostics and tell if you should upgrade or get a new computer.

Our technicians at Smart Phone NYC have all the necessary tools, expertise, and experience to remove viruses and malware on your computer. It may take anywhere between 2-3 hours to 2-3 days, depending on how many files you have and how fast your hard drive is. During the diagnostics, we can also check if there are any other issues with your PC, and help fix them!

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