Tips for optimizing iphone's battery

Optimizing iPhone’s Battery (Part 2)

Optimizing your settings

Tweaking some of the settings will help your device to use the battery more efficiently. In this post, we will cover small tips that optimize your iPhone’s battery usage, which are usually being overlooked:

  • Adjusting auto-brightness
  • Smarter internet usage
  • Enabling low power mode
  • Checking battery usage information
  • Your location information
  • Notification settings

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Adjusting Auto-Brightness

You can adjust the brightness of your screen by dimming the screen or letting your phone automatically adjust the brightness when necessary. To do that, you would have to turn on the Auto-Brightness by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and turn on the Auto-Brightness.

Smarter Internet Usage

Another tip would be on internet usage. If you need to use the internet and have options of using your data or Wi-Fi, use the Wi-Fi connection because it uses less power.

Enabling Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode allows to extend the battery life and is available on iOS 9 and higher. Basically, your phone tells you when the battery level is at 20% and at 10% and allows to turn on the Low Power Mode by a single tap. When the battery goes low, Low Power Mode automatically turns itself on.

You can also enable it anytime by going to Settings > Battery and turning on the Low Power Mode switch. We will briefly explain what this mode does: it reduces the brightness, optimizes the device performance, and minimizes the system animations. In other words, apps will not be downloading anything in the background and iCloud, AirDrop, and Continuity feature will be disabled while the mode is on. You still can make and receive calls, emails, and texts, and surf the internet.

Checking Battery Usage Information

If you have an iPhone with a lot of apps installed on it, you might want to check the battery usage of the apps because apps will be making downloads and performing other tasks in the background, which drains your battery. To check the background activity of the apps, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and you will have two options: either to turn off the background activity of all the apps by turning off the Background App Refresh switch or only turning off specific apps by moving the switch next to each one.

Your Location Information

Apps that use your device’s location also drain the battery. You can manage which apps can use your location which will extend your battery life. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and you will a list of apps with permissions. Turn on or off the apps that you do not want using your location or you can turn off the location services at all if your battery is very low.

Notification Settings

Displaying the notifications on the Home and Lock screens also drain the battery. If you have apps that frequently shows notifications, you can turn the notification off for any app. Go to Settings > Notifications. Tap App and set Allow Notifications to Off.

Airplane mode

If you have no coverage or low signal, your iPhone will keep searching for better signal, which drains the battery. To avoid it, turn on the Airplane mode but keep in mind that you will not be able to make or receive calls.

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