New 2018 iPhone Xs Colors

New iPhone 2018: What To Expect

Release date of new iPhone 2018

Apple has a history of launching their iPhones in beginning-mid September and releasing towards the end of the month. For example, iPhone X was launched on September 15 and went on sale on September 22. We can conclude that Apple will announce the new iPhone during the second week of September and make it available for sale on the last week.

New iPhone Models

According to, there will be three new iPhone models:

  • An improved version of iPhone X
  • An improved version of iPhone X with a larger screen
  • A more affordable model

Rumors say that the first two versions will be to be successors of iPhone X. One will have 5.8-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, and the other is rumored to be something like iPhone X Plus with 6.5-inch OLED screen. The third model will be a cheaper version with 6.1-inch LED screen, which is similar to iPhone 5c but on iPhone X level. Of course, the cheaper version will have fewer bells and whistles than the other two, which will allow Apple to keep its price low.

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Colors, Specs & Upgrades

Higher-end OLED models will be available in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. The cheaper LCD model will be in Grey, White, Blue, Red, and Orange.

The battery will charge faster and speed of LTE connection will improve since Apple is going to use upgraded A12 processors and LTE-chips. New processors will offer 20-30 percent performance gain according to Macworld. The larger 6.5-inch model will have a better battery life since it can fit a larger L-shaped battery.

All three models will have the TrueDepth camera for the FaceID feature and edge-to-edge displays like iPhone X. Therefore, looks like that we won’t see the Home button on any of the new iPhones.

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