Laptop repair services

Laptop repair services
with free diagnostics

Quality laptop repair with free diagnostics in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Free Diagnostics – upfront pricing. No fix, no pay!
  • Expert Technicians – trained to complete the most difficult repairs.
  • Repair Warranty – 30-day warranty on parts & labor.

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Our laptop repair services

Our laptop repair

We offer a wide range of laptop hardware repair services, including an unresponsive keypad, touchpad replacement, motherboard repair, keyboard replacement, screen repair, battery issues, and others.

We also have experts trained in handling various laptop software problems like slow or no internet connection, data recovery, virus and malware removal, operating system reset, and so on.

When you visit our laptop repair shop, our experts run a quick diagnosis and explain what needs to be done to get your laptop back in full working condition with the expected cost of repairs. We will get to work immediately and get your laptop back to you within the shortest time possible.

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Quality laptop screen repairs

Quality laptop
screen repairs

Is your laptop screen broken? We offer quality laptop screen repair services for every laptop model. A broken screen is a sensitive and possibly expensive problem. That’s why you only want experts handling it for your peace of mind.

In some laptop models, it is necessary to completely remove the bottom cover. That will let us open the top cover and unplug the LCD connections from the motherboard. After that, we can put the replacement LCD screen and start testing.

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Brooklyn laptop repair shop

Brooklyn laptop
repair shop

We are proud to be the leading laptop repair shop in Brooklyn, offering technical support and repair of damaged laptops of any kind. Besides our computer repair services, you can visit our shops if you need assistance with fixing phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

You will find Smart Phone NYC shops near you in Park Slope and Kings Highway, Brooklyn. If you are near or in any of these locations, visit our shops for free diagnostics and quality repairs.

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Why choose
Smart Phone NYC?

Free Diagnostics

Bring your broken electronic gadgets to our repair shop for free diagnostics. We will give you your quote on the spot. No fix, no pay!

Expert Technicians

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. You are welcome to watch the repair process if you would like.

No Hidden Fees

Hate to pay additional fees? We will tell you exactly how much the repair costs, and you won’t be charged for more than the quoted price.

Same-Day Repairs

On average, our technicians spend about 30-60 minutes to repair a phone or tablet. Fixing computers might take slightly longer than that.

Repair Warranty

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. For our experts, fixing a smart phone is quick and easy.

Customer Reviews

Nick C.

The best repair store ever. Max did a diagnostic on my phone and let me know that all I needed was a new battery. He saved me money and time. I have referred countless of my friends and family because I trust that they are in good hands.

Kiley S.

Integrity 101.
This place is the best you’ll find – they aren’t trying to scam you into any unnecessary purchases or repairs, and they are as up-front about pricing as they can be. Thank you!

Frequently asked

Just bring your laptop to us there will not be any diagnostics charge.
You should bring to us only your laptop and the AC adapter (charger) to perform diagnostics and repairs.
Our technicians always begin the repairs with a complete backup of your system and data. If there’s any problem with the data on your laptop, we usually inform and discuss the options you have going forward.
Yes, technically, permanently deleted files can be recovered, the process usually takes up to 3-5 business days. Bring your laptop to us for diagnostics, and let our technicians know what files you need to be recovered. We can also check if there are any other damages or issues with your laptop for free.
If you see lines or black spots, or your screen is damaged or cracked, we can replace it! If we don’t have the necessary parts in stock, it may take us 3-5 business days until we receive the part and complete the screen replacement.
Turn it off immediately. Don’t wait when your files will be saved and all the windows closed. Never put it in a bag of rice, just wipe off residual liquids from the outside surface. Unplug all external hardware (memory cards, USB, mouse, etc), gently remove the battery. In case you have a non-removable battery, don’t try disassembling yourself. You can read this article for more information, and bring your laptop to us ASAP for diagnostics.
Yes, we repair and replace laptop batteries, and our technicians complete the repair in under 30-60 minutes. We can remove and replace all laptop batteries, but non-removal batteries are difficult to remove for non-technical users. We do not recommend doing it yourself because it is possible to short the motherboard. Contact us for a consultation and get your laptop battery replaced fast.
Sure, our technicians can help resolve any issues with your keyboard. We can also run free diagnostics and check if there are any other damages or issues with your laptop.
If you have one or a few keys dead or broken on your laptop keyboard, we’ll help replace it at our repair shops. If we don’t have an extra key that fits that keyboard, we will have to replace the entire keyboard.
Yes, it can be replaced. You can bring your laptop for a free diagnosis. There might be dust and debris in the USB port preventing it from working properly. Also, it could be damaged, the worst-case scenario is motherboard damage, which usually can happen after hard drops. The cost depends on how engineers assembled the laptops.

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