iPhone X Repair Services in Brooklyn, NY

iPhone X Repair
Services in Brooklyn, NY

Searching for high-quality iPhone X repair services near you? Get immediate, out-of-warranty replacement of your camera, back glass, motherboard & other parts from us.

  • Free Diagnostics – upfront pricing. No fix, no pay!
  • Same-Day Repairs – takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • Expert Technicians – trained to complete the most difficult repairs.
  • Repair Warranty – 30-day warranty on parts & labor.

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iPhone X Screen Replacement

iPhone X Screen Replacement

Using your iPhone X with a cracked screen comes with a lot of inconveniences that hinder efficiency while operating the device. This ranges from poor display to the risk of causing more damage to its internal component. You can avoid it all by getting a swift, durable iPhone 10 screen replacement from us.

Whether you use a LCD or an OLED screen, we have you covered! Even without Apple Care, our skilled technicians would swing into action to fix your screen at an affordable out-of-warranty cost.

We know time is a big factor for you when it comes to phone repair, that’s we have the best hands on deck to get your phone fixed right on time. Get an iPhone screen repair now.

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iPhone X Back Glass Replacement

iPhone X Back Glass Replacement

We understand how uneasy it feels to see that the back screen of your treasured iPhone X is broken. Especially because the adhesive glue used for the back glass makes it difficult for you to fix it yourself.

We have technicians who are ready to attend to your broken front and back iPhone back glass repair. With us, you can be assured there will be no extra damage to your phone during replacement as we use careful replacement techniques and laser machines.

Instead of being unable to bring out your phone in public because of how it looks and letting the crack spread, request a quote to grab our offer of a swift iPhone X back glass replacement.

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iPhone X Battery Replacement

iPhone X Battery Replacement

You can’t get the best out of your iPhone 10 when you have a bad battery. It starts going off when you need it the most, it becomes difficult to get it fully charged, and the battery could even start swelling.

Don’t get worked up over getting it fixed. If you have been looking for where to do a same-day iPhone battery replacement near you, then you are in the right place.

Our technicians will attend to you fast and get your old worn-out battery replaced with a new high-quality iPhone 10 battery that comes with a 30day warranty. Request a free quote to get durable iPhone X battery replacement now.

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iPhone X Charging Port Replacement

iPhone X Charging Port Replacement

It gets very frustrating when you need to keep adjusting your charger to get your iPhone X to charge. This could happen because the charging port is loose, has gathered debris and dirt over time, has a bent metal connector, and many other reasons.

When you bring your iPhone to us, we can carry out full diagnostics to find out exactly what the problem is and replace the charging port on the same day. We offer outstanding iPhone charging port replacement services near you.

You can be sure you’d be getting a new, long-lasting charging port along with tips on how to maintain it over time so you can get the best out of it. Request a free quote now.

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iPhone X Water Damage Repair

iPhone X Water Damage Repair

If you have accidentally spilled liquid on your iPhone X or dropped it in water, do not panic. Just switch off your phone immediately, remove the phone case and other parts that could be trapping water. Also, do not charge the phone before bringing it to us.

Our specialists know exactly how to fix iPhone X water damage issues. We’d run a full diagnostic test to know what part of the phone is affected and then fix it in the shortest possible time.

There is no level of iPhone water damage repair needed that we do not have full knowledge and effective techniques to solve. Request a quote to access our water damage services now.

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Why choose
Smart Phone NYC?

Free Diagnostics

Bring your broken electronic gadgets to our repair shop for free diagnostics. We will give you your quote on the spot. No fix, no pay!

Expert Technicians

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. You are welcome to watch the repair process if you would like.

No Hidden Fees

Hate to pay additional fees? We will tell you exactly how much the repair costs, and you won’t be charged for more than the quoted price.

Same-Day Repairs

On average, our technicians spend about 30-60 minutes to repair a phone or tablet. Fixing computers might take slightly longer than that.

Repair Warranty

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. For our experts, fixing a smart phone is quick and easy.

Customer Reviews

Nick C.

The best repair store ever. Max did a diagnostic on my phone and let me know that all I needed was a new battery. He saved me money and time. I have referred countless of my friends and family because I trust that they are in good hands.

Kiley S.

Integrity 101.
This place is the best you’ll find – they aren’t trying to scam you into any unnecessary purchases or repairs, and they are as up-front about pricing as they can be. Thank you!

Frequently asked

If you are looking to replace your iPhone X LCD screen, we charge $129 for the service. The price doesn’t include tax.
If you are looking for a professional repair shop where you can fix your iPhone X screen, you can visit our Kings Highway or Park Slope location. Choose the closest to you. Our technicians can replace your iPhone screen in no time while you wait.
Our technicians usually complete iPhone screen repairs in 30-60 minutes. You can walk in during the hours, but there is a queue that operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you schedule an appointment, we can guarantee same-day service if we have the necessary parts in stock. Otherwise, we need to order the parts; so it will take longer.
At Smart Phone NYC professional and quality iPhone X back glass replacement costs $100 before tax. If you need a back glass replacement, visit our Park Slope repair shop because our laser machine in there.
In most cases, the answer is “Yes”, we’ll do our best to make this happen. We complete most of the repairs in under 30 minutes on the same day, but if the damage is severe, keep in mind that your repair might take longer. Walk-ins are first-come-first-serve. A website or phone appointment is a priority.
Yes, we’ll need your password to complete the repairs. That way we can test the device (screen, camera, mic, Wi-Fi, etc.) to make sure that issues are fixed before returning it to you. You can remove the password before providing your iPhone to us.

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