iPhone 11 Pro Repair Services in Brooklyn, NY

iPhone 11 Pro Repair
Services in Brooklyn, NY

We offer iPhone 11 Pro repair services near you. With us, replacing your back glass, screen, camera, charging port, or other components can be simple.

  • Free Diagnostics – upfront pricing. No fix, no pay!
  • Same-Day Repairs – takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • Expert Technicians – trained to complete the most difficult repairs.
  • Repair Warranty – 30-day warranty on parts & labor.

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iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement

A perfect iPhone 11 Pro screen makes the usage of your phone smooth and effective. You get the best display, and your phone responds as soon as you touch it, unlike when it’s broken. It becomes risky to swipe over the phone because you could get cut, worse still, the internal components of the phone become exposed to damage.

Just in case your screen gets broken, you can get your iPhone 11 Pro screen back to perfect for use with our top iPhone Screen replacement service. Our technicians are willing and ready to swing into action the moment you bring your phone in.

So, for same-day, high-quality iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement, take advantage of our excellent offer and request a free quote now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Back Glass Replacement

Your broken back glass is most likely putting the internal components of your phone at risk of further damage. Apart from that, it makes your sophisticated phone look ugly and unpresentable when you want to pick up calls or send messages in public.

You should be able to use your phone without restrictions. That’s why you need to take advantage of the iPhone back glass replacement service we offer.

Our technicians use the best tools, quality parts, and safest techniques. We use laser removal machine to ensure that the broken back glass is carefully removed without causing more damage. Request a free quote now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement

Do you urgently need to change the battery in your iPhone 11 pro? If it’s already swelling, not charging, or charging very slowly, then we need to replace the battery with a new one.

Leaving it to keep swelling could get your screen broken in the long run. Are you worried about how long it would take to get it replaced? Then you are in the right place because our services are same day and swift once we have your battery type.

The new battery you would get from us would be carefully checked under our strict quality control process, and it comes with a 30-day warranty. To access our iPhone battery replacement service, request a free quote now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Charging Port Replacement

A faulty charging port translates to not having a functioning phone because you would be able to keep it on and use it as often as you like. If your charging port is loose or filled with dirt and debris and it’s no longer connecting to power, then it’s time to get it replaced.

We offer top-quality iPhone charging port replacement that you can access even if you are out of Apple Care warranty. Our technicians are iPhone 11 Pro charging port replacement experts who can get the job done faster than you expect.

This service that we offer comes with a 30-day warranty, so you can be sure that the replacement you are getting would be long-lasting. Request a free quote now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Water Damage Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Water Damage Repair

When you accidentally spill liquid on your iPhone 11 Pro or drop it in water by mistake, you don’t want to waste any more time before bringing it to us for repair after you wipe it dry. Do not switch on the phone or try to charge it before bringing it in.

We would carry out full diagnostics to find out which components of the phone are affected. That way, we will know what needs to be replaced and can give you an accurate quote.

Our technicians are iPhone water damage repair specialists, so we know exactly what to do to get your phone to function properly again. As long as the component that needs replacement is available you can get your iPhone on the same day. Request a free quote now.

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Smart Phone NYC?

Free Diagnostics

Bring your broken electronic gadgets to our repair shop for free diagnostics. We will give you your quote on the spot. No fix, no pay!

Expert Technicians

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. You are welcome to watch the repair process if you would like.

No Hidden Fees

Hate to pay additional fees? We will tell you exactly how much the repair costs, and you won’t be charged for more than the quoted price.

Same-Day Repairs

On average, our technicians spend about 30-60 minutes to repair a phone or tablet. Fixing computers might take slightly longer than that.

Repair Warranty

Your repair will be done the right way by our experienced technicians. For our experts, fixing a smart phone is quick and easy.

Customer Reviews

Nick C.

The best repair store ever. Max did a diagnostic on my phone and let me know that all I needed was a new battery. He saved me money and time. I have referred countless of my friends and family because I trust that they are in good hands.

Kiley S.

Integrity 101.
This place is the best you’ll find – they aren’t trying to scam you into any unnecessary purchases or repairs, and they are as up-front about pricing as they can be. Thank you!

Frequently asked

At Smart Phone NYC, we charge $179 before tax to replace an iPhone 11 screen. We can repair your screen in under 30 minutes.
Our technicians usually complete iPhone 11 Pro screen repairs in 30-60 minutes. You can walk in during the hours, but there is a queue that operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you schedule an appointment, we can guarantee same-day service if we have the necessary parts in stock. Otherwise, we need to order the parts; so it will take longer.
Yes, at Smart Phone NYC, we use a laser separator machine to remove a broken back glass carefully, and replace it with a brand new back glass. We have the laser machine at our Park Slope location. Just walk in or call (917) 909-0901 to schedule your repair and get your iPhone 11 Pro back glass repaired.
Our services include: If your issue isn’t listed above, you can call us at (718) 676-4776 or (917) 909-0901, or book an appointment and visit our locations to get quality iPhone repair services.
Yes, we’ll need your password to complete the repairs. That way we can test the device (screen, camera, mic, Wi-Fi, etc.) to make sure that issues are fixed before returning it to you. You can remove the password before providing your iPhone to us.
Yes, we offer a 30-day warranty on parts and repair labor in both of our locations.

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