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Protect Your iPhone and Your Data With “Find My iPhone” App

It is easy to forget where you put your phone, especially in a faced-paced city like New York City. If you haven’t set up “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone, we would strongly suggest you do so. Don’t know how? Just read on.

Setting up “Find My iPhone”

  • Tap on “Settings” then tap on “iCloud”: it will ask you to sign in using your iCloud account if you haven’t done it before.
  • Scroll down to “Find My iPhone” and tap on it.
  • Enable “Find My iPhone” by turning the switch on.
  • You can also enable the “Send Last Location” of your iPhone, which will send the location of your iPhone if your battery happens to be very low.
  • Enable and configure “Family Sharing” by going to “Settings” >> “Family Sharing”. That way, if one of your family members lose their iOS device, others can help to locate it. For additional security, make sure to always enable TouchID and passcode on your iPhone.

Ensure proper work

Now, let’s make sure that the “Find My iPhone” was set up properly, so in case you lose it, you will be able to track your iPhone. Take your other Apple device or ask your family member for his or her iOS device and sign in on “Find My iPhone” app. You will see the list of your devices and dots next to each other.

  • Blue dot means that the device is in use.
  • Green dot means that the device is online.
  • Gray dot means that the device is offline.

You can also get driving directions to your device using the app. After you get near your iPhone tap on “Play a Sound” button, and it will play music on your lost iPhone even if it is in silent mode. Remember, never go alone to get your lost or stolen device back.

Lock your iPhone

You can turn on “Lost Mode” to lock your iPhone. It just locks your device with a passcode and shows a phone number and message, but you will still be able to track it using the “Find My iPhone” app.
You can add a phone number and a custom message that will be displayed on your iPhone’s home screen. Your iPhone will be locked, but they will be able to see the message and make a call.

Protect your data from bad guys

If you are not able to find it, you still can protect your personal information by erasing all your data on your iPhone. Tapping on “Erase iPhone button” on “Find My iPhone” app. Remember, once you do it, you won’t be able to track and locate your iPhone.

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