6 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Android Phone

Sometimes you run out of space on your phone. The first rational advice would be to buy the largest SD card that phone supports. But before shopping for SD cards, let’s examine what files take up the storage and try to organize them to free up space on Android phones.

Clear application cache

Step 2: Go to “Settings” -> “Applications”. In the Applications, you will see all the apps installed on your phone. First, you need to clear the application cache. To do that, tap on an app, let’s say Instagram, tap on “Storage”, and tap on “Clear Cache”. There is also a “Clear Data” button, which will remove all your application data. This means that you would have to log in and do the customizations that you did again.

downgrade factory installed apps to free up space on Android phone

Downgrade factory installed apps

There are apps that came with your phone, which Android doesn’t let you delete. Fortunately, you can downgrade them if you don’t use some of them, which frees up a little storage. Go to “Settings” -> “Applications”, tap on an app, tap on three dots on the top right corner, and tap on “Uninstall updates”.

Disable updates of factory installed apps

Since you downgraded factory installed apps in the previous step, you should disable the updates. Otherwise, Android will undo what you did in the previous step. Go to “Settings” -> “Applications”, tap on an app, scroll down and tap on “More settings”, tap on “Auto-update apps”, and tap on “Turn off”. This way, those apps won’t ever be updated, which saves your storage space.

organizing gallery to free up space on Android phone

Go through your Gallery

Go to the “Gallery” and go through your photos and videos. Decide which ones you will delete and which ones you should transfer to your laptop. If you have an SD card installed on your phone, you should make it default storage place to store your photos and videos. To do that, open your “Camera” app, tap on the gear icon in the top right corner, scroll down and tap on “Storage location”, and select the “SD card” option.

Organize your files

Go to “My Files” or “File Manager”. You will see your storage places and file categories. If you don’t have enough storage on your phone, you can tap on “My device” and start deleting unnecessary files or transferring the ones you need to SD card or your laptop.

Another way of organizing files is going by categories. If you love taking videos, maybe you should start cleaning up your videos. Start with images if you take pictures very often. The bottom line is you have to go through every category to free up as much storage space as you can.

Device maintenance feature helps you to free up space on Android

Device maintenance feature

This is the least time-consuming feature that you can use from time to time to free up space on Android phones. On your device, tap on “Settings” -> “Device maintenance”. Here you can see how much free storage and RAM you have and current battery life of your phone. Tap on “Optimize”, and Android will free up the RAM and storage in your phone by deleting unnecessary cached, residual, and advertisement files as Samsung states.

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